Just Launched my first Website, lovering.fr

Hello World, it has been a few month since i started developing a dating site, it is called LoveRing, I know there are a very good ones on the web, but all of them at least of what i have seen is either payed sites or full of junk advertisements. so the idea of my site, is to bring to the community a free solution without a single ad.

The site is in the beta version, which needs many improvement that I am working on, but it still usable, for next months I am going to add more functionalities to it.

I have developed the site in ASP Core 3.1 and Mysql as a Database management system, when I have finished developing the site, I wanted to host the site in a VPS or a dedicated server, but as the hosting companies have multiple restrictions like bandwidth, disk size, and expensive monthly payment, I have decided to host the website and even this blog on a virtual machine using Hyper V on my personal PC, until I buy a dedicated server for that purpose.

What is LoveRing.fr?

Love ring is a free dating site, that enable people to find and introduce themselves to the world with the gold to develop personal or romantic relationships.

What loveRing.fr offers:

  • The ability to search among profiles, using some criteria like: Gender, country, region, department, city, online status, age… etc
  • Uploading profile photos to attract more profiles
  • Photo like
  • Real time messaging using Asp Core SignalR, where the sender can see the status of sent messages and can verify if the message he sent has been viewed by the receiver.
  • Blocking a specific contacts
  • Reporting inappropriate profile to the administrator.
  • Contact us page where user can directly contact the administration.
  • The interface support multiple languages where the user can choose the language of the site and the interface will change accordingly.

if you have any suggestion, please contact me using the comment section.


To visit Lovering.fr please click here

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